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We are building a better world of work. One where every employee thrives in an inclusive, psychologically safe and high trust team. And where businesses are more profitable, sustainable and ultimately human in their approach.

Our mission is to train 100,000 Culture Champions by 2026

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Trusted by 1,000s of teams around the world

How we got here...

During the last 3 years more than 72,000 employees around the world have taken part in a Kaido Experience, and we have trained 6,800 Culture Champions to drive lasting behavioural change within 11,400 teams.

With that, we like to think we have learnt a thing or two about what it takes to build a work environment that empowers everyone to thrive.

Our number 1 learning is that thriving teams are grown from within your organisation. You can buy all the technology in the world, but without a strong team culture built on trust, psychological safety and authentic leadership you will always struggle to drive lasting change.

In recent years, not only has the way we work changed, but more importantly the 'why' we work has changed too. Your future workforce will come from a generation less motivated by pay or status (though they are important) but by joining a team and organisation that aligns with their values. One where they feel safe and empowered to bring their full selves to work every day.

It is our belief that every business globally with ambitions to attract and retain the best talent needs to take action now to create a team culture that every single one of their employees wants to be part of.

“70% of the variance between average, good, and great team cultures can be found in the knowledge, skills, and talent of your team leaders.”

If you do, you can expect your employees to become your greatest advocates, you will see happier, healthier, more engaged teams and in turn a more productive and profitable business.

Gone are the days of top down company culture... The future of work requires a more decentralised, democratic approach. We like to call this a Human-Centric Team Culture. It starts with your Team Leaders … Why? Because 70% of the variance between average, good, and great team cultures can be found in the knowledge, skills, and talent of your team leaders.

The Culture Academy by Kaido exists to empower your Team Leaders to build more human teams through action- focussed, cohort based learning. We are sharing with the world our blueprint for building high performing resilient teams based on years of working with leading brands like yours. We've combined our learnings with the latest behavioural science, neuroscience and corporate research to create a learning experience that will help your Team Leaders build an exceptional employee experience for your people.

The time for change is now … The Culture Academy is here to help you lead the way.

After all, we are in this together :)

Rich Westman
CEO - Kaido

We built Kaido with 6 core values...


Prioritise transparency

We strive to always communicate openly and honestly to establish a culture of trust and provide an environment of authenticity where there are no surprises. We avoid lingo, assumptions, exaggeration, or other things that get in the way of clear communication.


Think creatively

We understand that the challenges that modern workplaces are facing will be solved by developing new ways of thinking about ourselves, and the world. So we encourage creative thinking by being open to experimenting with innovative ideas, approach discussions intentionally and think through all angles from first principles.


Practice individual and collective reflection

We are intentional about taking a step back from the day-to-day to reflect on what we could be doing differently to make the most impact. This helps us foster a culture of learning and continuous improvement.


Have a growth mindset

We believe that every day there are opportunities to learn something new and that this requires a curious mindset, collaboration and experimentation. We weave feedback into our day-to-day processes as we believe that constructive, honest feedback is an opportunity for growth and that improvement can be found in small changes.


Show appreciation

We appreciate each other and are grateful for the work teammates do to push the company forward. We appreciate our customers and understand that it's a privilege to support them in the work they do.


Practice inclusivity

We seek to make balanced decisions by taking into account multiple perspectives and listening deeply. We work to create an inclusive environment to build a better company and to strive to be a positive example.

Meet the Kaido leadership team...

Rich Westman
Chief Executive Officer

Rich is passionate about Culture. He's helped build positive, high performing team cultures in professional sport with organisations including Leicester Tigers, Worcester Warriors and The LTA.

Jeremy Walker
Executive Director

Jeremy is an entrepreneur and software developer, passionate about equality and opportunity. He founded Exercism that has helped millions of people around the world learn to code.

Julian Wragg
Head of Sales

Julian is an experienced B2B Sales Leader with a passion for learning technology. Previously Head of Sales at A-Cloud Guru, PluralSight and Skills Matter.

Dave Maclean

Experienced CEO and Investor with a strong background in EdTech and Learning. Focused on delivering sustained, long term growth through innovation and learning. CEO at Packt Publishing.

Kasia Olszko
Head of Learning

Kasia helps companies create a more human-centric culture through conscious leadership and learned Experience. Helped build high performing teams at Hopin, WeWork and Typeform.

Nicole Chalmers
Head of Product

Research-led product designer, helping create businesses that make a positive difference in the world. Previously Product Lead at EdTech platform Exercism.

Kaido by numbers...

Since 2018, Kaido have been supporting businesses around the world to build happier, healthier more engaged teams

6,800 Champions Trained
72,000+ Employees Engaged
97% Recommend Kaido

We work with 1,000s of teams across the world...

What our team thinks...

“Working remotely can be challenging. Kaido really practises what a safe and inclusive team culture is all about, but not in a way that feels obvious or forced. Kaido fosters an atmosphere of openness and support..”
Chris Holt
Video Creator
“One of the best teams I've ever been a part of. We always leave our egos at the door and focus on what matters, producing amazing results for our customers.”
Taiyab Raja
UX Designer
“Kaido is a fun, rewarding and supportive company with a tight knit team. Having worked here for over 4 years, together we have adapted to many changes and that is down to our motivated, forward thinking team - we stay in constant communication...
Sarah Elliott
“Family, you're born into one. Friends are the family you choose. Kaido is a work family I stumbled upon by chance, a family that allows and encourages me as someone who is Black and LGBTQIA+ to be unapologetically myself. That is very rare...”
Phernell Davis-Senior
Sales Development

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