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Changing the Covid-19 conversation at Enva

By Sarah Elliot

Enva is one of those hero companies that kept the country moving during the pandemic. Powered by a fleet of dedicated drivers and talented service, sales and support staff, their recycling and resource recovery solutions ensured industrial waste was transported safely and sustainably, no matter what.

Enva’s work is critical to key sectors, including manufacturing and energy services, so amid the pressures of the COVID-19 crisis, their people’s performance had never been more important. Thanks to an established mental health support programme, the business knew they had a resilient workforce – but recognised that unprecedented times called for a preventative approach.

Kirsty Ryan, Enva’s Customer Services Manager, explains why the organisation took proactive steps to protect their team’s wellbeing:

"We didn’t have a pressing problem with employee mental health, but understood that remote working, isolation and lack of team connections could lead to issues down the line. Enva wanted to introduce a fun shared experience that would move the conversation away from COVID. Kaido gave staff a positive focus and a valuable opportunity to try something new."

Enthusiastic employees, exceptional results

In March 2021, Enva launched an inclusive 40-day Kaido challenge to actively boost employee health and wellbeing. Twenty colleague teams set out on a virtual ‘Around the World’ journey, guided by an interactive app that encouraged gentle improvements across physical activity, mental health, nutrition and sleep. Along the way, bonus prizes, points and incentives fuelled friendly competition and bumped top-performing teams up the live leader board.

From home workers to haulage drivers, Enva’s team – who had reported not having the time or motivation to properly take care of their health – embraced movement, mindfulness and meditation, often for the first time. Their passion and commitment produced impressive results:

  • 88% saw an improvement in their overall health
  • 84% upped their daily steps
  • 48% experienced a boost in mood
  • 59% felt more motivated
  • 92% said their physical activity levels had increased
  • 96% would recommend Kaido to a colleague

While Enva’s employees explored new ways to get active (with 57% trying a new type of exercise), they also developed a ‘whole person’ approach to health and wellbeing. Eighty-eight per cent drank more water and made better nutrition choices, and others improved their stress management, meal planning and gratitude techniques.

Kirsty appreciated that the Kaido experience delivered benefits for everybody, whatever their interests and fitness levels:

"Our team includes people with health limitations and disabilities, so we didn’t want to settle for the traditional step count challenge. Kaido helped us creatively build on our current mental health provision, offering something different that stimulated real collaboration and sustainable changes we can now take forward. We won over our sceptics and were thrilled by the level of engagement."

Getting set for a second challenge

At the end of the six-week challenge, teamwork had accelerated by 44% and colleague communication was up by 55%. Kirsty puts Enva’s success down to their team’s willingness to get on board and a ‘surprisingly easy’ rollout that promoted employee buy-in from the very beginning.

The launch team used Kaido’s pre-written comms templates and posters to drive awareness, while the simple-to-navigate app made it effortless for groups to share ideas, updates and successes. Enva’s staff are gearing up another challenge later this year and look forward to building on the benefits of their first Kaido experience.

‘It has been good to have messages about healthy eating, exercise, sleep and mental health issues reinforced. I have enjoyed the mindfulness the most and this will definitely be in my routine going forward.’

‘I feel fulfilled. I would like to continue with the steps and aerobic exercise and mindfulness. It will boost my wellbeing and consequently have a positive carry-over towards work to increase productivity.’

‘Definitely feel like my wellbeing has improved. My relationship with my teammates is also stronger, with more humour in discussions, even when serious. Will keep the heightened physical fitness regimes going and the mindfulness time.’

‘I set out to lose some weight and I have achieved that. I will continue with more movement from my desk during work hours. I had never tried mindfulness before, but that helps so I will carry on with that as well.’

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