Our mission is to help people live happier and healthier lives

The average person generates 1.2TB of Health Data in their lifetime. This data has the potential to not only educate and empower employees in the pursuit of improved health, but also allow employers to create more personalised and effective workplace wellness programmes.


Kaido, a Birmingham based Digital Health Company was founded in 2016, with one simple aim: To prove how patient generated health data could be used intelligently to create more personalised and preventative models of care.


Kaido Wellbeing combines the intelligence of Kaido’s Insights Engines with key learnings from The Wellbeing Challenge inside the NHS, to deliver a truly personalised introduction to the Workplace Wellness market:

Kaido Insights Engine

The Kaido Insights Engine is a cloud based analytics engine that derives insights from aggregated healthcare data. The platform can aggregate data from any Health App, Wearable, Smartphone or IoT device it has permission to access. Aggregated data is then mined and analysed in context, to deliver personalised and actionable insights

The Wellbeing Challenge

The Wellbeing Challenge was developed in 2015 to help NHS organisations provide a wellbeing platform for employees that was accessible to all, regardless of physical ability or working pattern. At its peak, The Wellbeing Challenge had over 45 NHS Trusts, and over 9000 staff using the platform to improve their health and wellbeing.

Meet the team

Kaido is founded by a team of Sports Scientists and Data Scientists passionate about sharing their expertise to benefit public health. Between them the Kaido team has supported some of the worlds most successful professional athletes and sports teams. Using cutting edge technology this applied health understanding is now accesible to your employees in their pursuit of happier and healthier lives.

Rich Westman

Sports Scientist turned Health Tech entrepreneur; Rich founded Kaido in January 2016 with a simple desire to make health data more useful. Since then Kaido has gone on to be recognised my Marketing Weekly as one of the ‘Top 100 disruptive technology companies to watch in 2017’ and won numerous health industry awards across the UK and Europe

Jeremy Walker

A highly experienced software engineer with specialities in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Jeremy has founded and scaled a number of tech start-ups including Meducation and Reachora and is currently the CEO of Thalamus AI; an Artificial Intelligence start up founded to help doctors, entrepreneurs and educators solve meaningful problems

Kaido Group Ltd’s Board has a wealth of experience covering,Transformational Change,  Financial Services, Publishing, and IT. Together they oversee and provide strategic direction to the company and have been part of the team since the companies inception in early 2016.

Left to Right: Samantha Skiller, Mhairi Keil, Mick Westman, Stuart Walters, Paul Cusack, Rich Westman, Simon Graham, Neil Armstrong, Karl Barber