Business, Team and Individual Challenges create a healthy sense of competition and drive engagement across your company

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Personalised Insights

Employees receive personalised and intelligent health nudges, designed to educate and empower them in pursuit of improved health and wellness


Admin Dashboard

One simple area to invite and approve users, monitor engagement and access reports
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Real-time reporting and future predictive analytics, allows employers to keep track of everything from programme adherence to change in workforce health and wellness



Kaido’s connected ecosystem of Apps, Wearables and Smart devices means employees can connect the health monitoring devices they already know and love
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Platform Integrations

Integrate Kaido’s Health and Wellness API’s into your existing HR, Employee Assistance or Rewards programme to create one seamless employee benefits experience


Mobile Apps

Free Kaido Wellbeing Apps act as an employees personal health assistant, accessible wherever they are, regardless of location or time of day
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